Our second nut-infused release, Wicked Harvest Hazelnut, blends the sweet, earthy taste of hazelnuts with the familiar, warm embrace of bourbon – creating an enticingly-balanced flavor.

This unique, Deep South aged spirit is finished in used pinot noir barrels containing rich hazelnuts, both of which we source from Gloria’s childhood home of Oregon. Sometimes, we like to tell people that Wicked Harvest Hazelnut is Gloria’s childhood, all grown-up in a glass.

From its approachable first sip to its smooth-yet-pronounced finish, petite-batch Wicked Harvest Hazelnut is ready for you to enjoy your way, whether neat, straight up, or as part of your favorite bourbon cocktail.

Tasting Notes and Ideal Pairings

Unlike our Pistachio Bourbon Whiskey, Wicked Harvest Hazelnut’s unique taste registers immediately – and this release finishes much more like a true bourbon whiskey.

Many of our “more experienced” clientele prefer Wicked Harvest Hazelnut neat (often adding just a few drops of water to each glass), and we’ve found that it pairs well with:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Figs, pears, & peaches

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