Recently, we hit the road to launch Wicked Harvest Bourbon Whiskey throughout Oregon! Our June 9 – 14 tour included stops at a bunch of current and potential Wicked Harvest locations, as well as a bit of fun …

Jim shows off the newly re-branded Wicked Harvest trailer.

After our arrival in Oregon and a fantastic dinner at The Fireside Portland, we threw our first Wicked Harvest event. The Waiting Room was kind enough to host us and put on a free tasting of our Hazelnut Bourbon Whiskey – you know, the one made with real Oregon Hazelnuts!

Both the hazelnuts and the pinot noir barrels used to finish our Hazelnut Bourbon are sourced from Oregon, which is part of why we wanted to make in-roads in the Beaver State. The other reason is that (believe it or not) Gloria grew up in Oregon! She had a great time returning to her home state, handing out bourbon samples, and recommending cocktails to her fellow Oregonians.

After taking a couple days off (not really – there were more fantastic people to meet and potential Wicked Harvest locations to check out), we were the featured bourbon at The Night Deposit Whiskey Library, in concert with the Salem chapter of Women Who Whiskey.

There, Gloria caught up with some old friends, while Jim and The Night Deposit crew introduced both varieties of Wicked Harvest to Oregonian bourbon lovers.

We want to give a special shout-out to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and support us during our Oregon tour – including The Waiting Room, The Night Deposit Whiskey Library, Women Who Whiskey – Salem, and our creative friends at High-Proof Creative and Butler Branding.

If you’re looking for where you can find Wicked Harvest in Oregon (now that we’re officially official with the Beaver State), here’s the current list:

  • The Waiting Room
  • The Night Deposit Whiskey Library
  • Proof Reader PDX
  • Portland Center Liquor
  • Rose City Liquor
  • Liquor Depot
  • Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits
  • 10th Avenue Liquor Store
  • Baseline Liquor
  • Wilsonville Liquor

We’ll definitely be adding more locations to that list, so if you want to see our full Oregon line-up, be sure to click over to our Where to Buy page and filter by “Oregon.”  And if you’re an Oregonian who we convinced to give Wicked Harvest a try, be sure to drop by our Facebook or Instagram pages to let us know what you think!

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