For those looking for a bit more excitement, Wicked Harvest Pecan Barrel-Strength contains all the flavor of Wicked Harvest Pecan, with extra proof to fire up your evening. The Barrel-Strength release is an unapologetic distillation of all the Southern flavors we love – brown sugar, maple, pecan, and spice. Pecan Barrel-Strength clocks in at a mischievously delightful 106 proof – strong enough that we imagine this Limited Release will sell out fast.

Tasting Notes and Ideal Pairings

While it took us a long time (and many tasting sessions – poor us) to find the right mixture of proof and pecans, we think we landed on a Barrel-Strength bourbon whiskey that most all bourbon drinkers will love.

But be warned, Wicked Harvest Pecan Barrel-Strength is not for the faint of heart – and we recommend you drink it either straight-up or with just a chip of ice.

What Are You Waiting For?