Our first-of-its-kind Pistachio Bourbon Whiskey put Wicked Harvest on the map – and like many great things, it resulted entirely from a chance encounter.

One evening, Wicked Harvest co-founder Jim Zion and distiller Steve Thompson wondered what would happen if they combined their mutual interests – pistachios and aged, Kentucky bourbon. With the input of fellow Wicked co-founder Gloria Zion, Jim and Steve decided to try finishing Kentucky bourbon inside used merlot wine barrels alongside California pistachios – creating a truly unique new bourbon whiskey.

After working through 38 distinct iterations, the Zions landed on a formula that not only worked, but delivered flavorful notes of wine and pistachio alongside true bourbon taste. We’ve always said that Wicked Harvest Pistachio is the perfect bourbon for people who don’t drink bourbon yet. One taste of our spirit’s signature, velvety finish is enough to change their minds.

Tasting Notes and Ideal Pairings

While no two batches of Wicked Harvest Pistachio taste exactly the same (because we use different pistachios and merlot vintages to finish each batch), they all carry a pronounced, “Kentucky Hug” finish – without the harshness of other bourbons.

We’ve found that most drinkers taste notes of pistachio as they finish each sip, and that our Pistachio Bourbon Whiskey pairs excellently with:

  • Fall spices & orange slices
  • Bitters-based cocktails
  • High-class dinners & desserts

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